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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Located at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Bittergourd and cucumber shake.
The other one is cucumber and lychee which I strongly recommend.
RM8.90 each

Absolutely refreshing and none of that diluted nonsense
served by some establishments.

Stuffed Gyoza Wings. RM8.90
Comes in servings for three, love love love the crispy skin!

The contents of the stuffing are a mystery to me.
Tasted herb-like. Goes very well with the sauce that came with the dish.

Crispy Fuchuk (Damn forgot to note down the price)

Mum says it is the best fuchuk she's every tasted.
Better than the ones at Little Penang.

Main course: Salmon Cream Pizza
Looks very cheesy doesn't it but actually it's just the right taste!

No cloying mayonnaise, every slice comes with
a good chunk of salmon fillet.
We were very full already but we finished the whole plate.

Dessert was chilled Azuki Pumpkin Zenza
RM 7.90
The glutinous balls did not impress me, but digging deeper we
found rich red bean paste. By mixing with a dollop of pumpkin
and red bean it becomes a great combination.

Sigh... I've gone and made myself hungry writing this post.