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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I was editing some photos at the computer when the cat fell off her high perch while she was asleep. In a daze, she crawled towards me and plopped down beside my chair. She is now in dreamland with her paws pointing towards the sky. Her hind legs are twitching spasmodically. I reach down to tickle her soft underbelly and her toes curl. Hee heee... so cute!

Suddenly, my computer monitor goes haywire and the mobile phone rings. Interference of electromagnetic waves kononnya. The cat awakes. She yawns and stretches languidly. That marks the end of her little catnap. She is still in a lazy mood and lets me rub her head, her eyes half-closed in peaceful contentment. Outside, the pitter patter of rain drums a rhythmic lullaby. She rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today, my mum found the stray thread that was hanging out of her new sofa due to the delinquent feline's claws.

She screeched.

My mum, not the cat. The latter merely blinked and looked the other way.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cat on Sofa

Bambi is not allowed on the couch because she scratches them inadvertently and leaves tufts of fur sticking to the furniture (that and logically, fleas although I beg to differ on the last point - fleas can't survive without their host oi!).

When my brother came back from the UK for the summer hols, my mum bought a brand new sofa bed from IKEA. It has a pull-out mattress with an extensible metal frame that sleeps one person. It folds up nicely into a big puffy chair with a bright cheerful orange cover to slip over when not in use. Pretty fancy stuff eh? The cat thought so too and decided to take over the said piece of furniture as her own when my brother left for the new semester.

Cat lounging on her new throne

Lick lick lick... Whatcha lookin' at?

Here comes grandma armed with a thick copy of yesterday's paper.
One house cannot have two Queens.

Bad kitty! You're not allowed on the sofa!
Bambi runs for her (nine) lives.

The cat looks back longingly...

In the end, this will have to do. Zzzzz.

That was last week. Today fickle grandma says: BAMBEEEE! I know you have been on the sofa! I can see your hair all over it. Look at all the EVIDENCE!!! Hmmmmmm!!!???? and proceeds to pick at imaginary strands of cat hair off the cover. I bet the cat climbs up there during the night when everyone is sound asleep and not there to threaten her with the newspaper. She's an intelligent cat!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cottage Pies @ White Sands, Singapore

In a little shop at White Sands, Pasir Ris a fragrant aroma of warm pastry wafts through the air, enticing shoppers to stop and salivate at the array of freshly baked meat pies in the glass display counter. Soothing Christian music is played through the speakers while diners settle down for a snack al fresco. Two ladies, one attending to customers in the front while the other slides trays of golden flaked pies from the oven in the back of the shop make a good team in running the shop.

There is pride in their motions... and rightly so!

...because these are the fluffiest crusts and juiciest fillings I have ever tasted!

Chicken ham and egg pie.

Wholesome and subtle, made from spongy egg with generous ham.

Beef and mushroom pie.

A sweet blend of beef stock and herbs with slices of button mushroom.

Many thanks to my friend PH the food lover who showed me the culinary delights of Singapore during my stay there. More food posts coming up!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Singaporean Toilets

You know a country is developed when its society can afford to consider artistic expression in addition to functional design as an integral part of their basic amenities.

Chic washroom at Takashimaya

Public toilet at the Singapore Chinese Gardens

It's not just the toilets that are pleasing to eye. Mosaic murals on the walls of the MRT station, framed canvases hung along the corridors, sculpted pieces of art dotting the walkways... In Malaysia, mandarin ducks go missing from public ponds because there are still people out there who are hungry.

Today's menu: Succulent roast duck coated with sesame seed

Better some food on the table than pretty things swimming in the water! It's a pity we're not ready for aesthetics because that would bring us to a new level of Quality Of Life. I'm not saying Malaysia does not have her share of creative elements. Art has yet to become a primary pursuit and we're just getting by building basic infrastructure to cope with the population's current and more urgent needs.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Am In Singapore

I don't have access to the internet when I travel, so this post is pre-published on the 11th August at 11:17pm! So cool rite?! When I am at home, I am too lazy to blog, but when I anticipate not being able to go online I stock up on entries and release them slowly in my absense.

Unless my memory fails me yet again, I will be armed with my camera and tripod trampling all over Singapore. Will be back on Saturday. =)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Phwah. And A Wholesome Breakfast

I can't believe I wrote that last night. I mean, I know I was blogging. I remember starting the first few sentences. Have some vague inkling of the following lines but totally no recollection of the last paragraph.

Especially the last paragraph. I think that's some pretty good stuff! Must have been the Imovane talking. It's not the first time I've been drunk typing and lost all memory of it, only to shock myself in the bright early morning the next day. Thank goodness I don't do random one-night stands. Must be careful to stay away from the keyboard when inebriated.

Anyway, enough talk. Let's start the day with a healthy meal.

Resealable packaging to guarentee that crunchy freshness.

Wholegrain oat clusters, wheat flakes, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

This is some seriously crispy cereal. And generous helpings of chewy fruits. Nice!

A bit sweet though. Must add more milk.