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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sony Cyber-shot Workshop

Attended a beginner's photography short course organized by Sony Workshop, free for all Sony Cyber-shot compact camera users on the 29th March 2008 (Saturday).

Door gifts: Sony keychain and notepad (not shown)

Venue: Hotel Grand Continental KL from 1pm-5pm

Product trainer Wong Jiunn Huei speaking on basics and camera functions

After that it's off to the poolside for hands-on practice.
Sony prepared two models for the participants for portrait shots

Hot chicks... make me sad (I was once a sweet young thing too ok!)

Sony is so good... even fed the hungry participants

I submitted this photo for the workshop competition

In the meantime, Wong went through everybody's photos. We reviewed each submission on the screen and he gave tips on how to improve each shot. I think it was a very good exercise because we could see how different people saw the same subjects in different perspectives, and chose different styles to convey their observation.

For my picture, I chose sepia because I wanted to contrast the models' fairness, and the crooked angle was to complement her posture, making it appear that the fore-model is leaning to the right. Wong JH said my picture slanted already... (I don't think he likes crooked pictures) but John the organizer said it emphasized the models body shape (Ya! Now that he mentioned it...). I also liked the models' eye-contact in this picture.

To my surprise I won second prize!
A Sony carry bag courtesy of Mr Nicholas Wong (Sales Manager)

Although it is not a Vaio notebook or Bravia flatscreen I am so proud! *kembang* The weakness of my shot was that the background was too cluttered and distracting. Should have adjusted the focus onto the models. Wong said to try black instead of sepia. So I photoshoped to see how it would look like.

Which one looks better?

Yahor. Models are more prominent if background is out of focus.
Black and white also looks more polished.

Sony also gave us a framed group photo as souvenir

I *heart* Sony

It's a privilege to be a Sony member. The product is good - my DSC P100 compact may be 4 years old but it is still hardy and delivers good pictures even when I point and shoot randomly. The Sony team is also doing lots of informative workshops for digital photography and videography. But ah... my brain can only remember 10% of what I learned 2 days ago. I still need to think hard what metering and focusing are. Need to practice and experiment more with the different functions! It was a very informative and fun event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Anybody who gives me free food also has my undying loyalty hahah. I understand that there are more free workshops available for Handycam and DSLR users this April. For those interested, please log on to

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Giving the Cat a Bath

... is a major undertaking at home. Firstly, it entails sneaking the towels and pail into the bathroom without Bambi knowing what's in store for her. Then there's the problem of getting the right temperature from the temperamental water heater. By that time, she's already suspicious of the sound of water coming from the bathroom and predictably missing. Finding and cornering her is easy, because her usual hiding place is either under the sofa or behind the bed.

Starts mewing & giving us the pity me I is a poor helpless cat look.

Shampoo, massage and conditioner 30 minutes

After the bath (she's afraid of the hairdryer so we can only wipe her down)

Angry angry cat

All is forgiven. I is a pretty girl again!

Friday, March 28, 2008

National Art Gallery Malaysia

On the way back from DR's session, I decided to drop by at the National Art Gallery... another one of those places that tourists take note of when visiting KL but locals ignore in preference of shopping malls. Admission is free, parking is also free and ample. The building is newly renovated but exhibitions of notable art pieces were too few to make it impressive.

It's a quiet place. Not many visitors.

Tourist pose - just missing a sun hat and umbrella

Lunch at the art gallery's cafeteria.
Seriously, I need to do something about those eyebags.

The Cat Goddess watches over Kutucat

Wall mural. Excellent painting!

There are some interesting showcases (no cameras allowed in the galleries sorry!). I like the topmost gallery best. There was a corner for art pieces produced by people who sought help from the Psychology Dept. of UH and a private consultancy center called Integrated Psychology Network. Each work had a short testimony of what the painting meant to these people. Every one was unique and deeply personal. For the first time, I understood what it meant to be moved by a picture.

Seriously, the Klang valley has a lot more to offer than KLCC, Midvalley Megamall, 1 Utama and the likes. It's a healthier and cheaper way to spend the day too. I am off to Zoo Negara next Tuesday... because I just found out that admission is free if it's your birthday!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Bambi

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


When my sister comes back for a visit, it is like having a playmate. Since both of us love food, we really went out and blew it ($) at this place last Sunday. Btw, I still owe you half the bill sis. Will pass to you next time you come down ok?

PHOP - Pancake specialty shop

Refreshing hot tea sweetened with honey

Did I mention how much I enjoyed it? (I asked for 4 refills of hot water)

Blurry picture. Added soft focus to rescue it (Treasure Box is good!)

Sis's steak with crepe and glazed peaches and plum (sourish and overpowering)

My baked chicken (looks better than it tastes)

Perhaps I was expecting a little too much from this restaurant. For me, the baked chicken was too dry (my own cooking is waaaay better) but the pancake lining the base of the pan was something new and interesting. The first dish that came out was the dessert. It was delicious! Coin pancakes with almonds, bananas, peaches, baked apples and vanilla ice cream accompanied with a generous jar of maple syrup to drizzle (or drown) the plate at will. An absolute joy for the sweet-toothed and a big no no for diabetics. PHOP is a pancake house and our mistake was to order main dishes. We should have stuck to pancakes... and I advice you to do the same if you go there.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Typical Of A Cat!

Made me laugh so hard it left me in stitches. This is a feline's character spot-on!

This Simon fella is a genius!

I Don't Need Sex Anymore

Have discovered the most heavenly toe-curling eyeball-rolling chocolate pralines ever to sit on the shelves along the confectionery aisle.

Witor's Bianco Cuore - Made in Italy

Grabbed a handful and guzzled 5 before I came to my senses

Chocolate praline with creamy white chocolate filling & crunchy rice crisps

Right now I am hiighhhhh on su-gaaaahhhh! Issh better than sex... Purrrrr...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Buildings of Note

On my way back from Midvalley yesterday, I drove around and visited a few places in KL I've been meaning to see... y'know, do the touristy thing even though I've been living here for nearly 10 years.

First stop:

The National Palace (Istana Negara)

Golden emblem

Our king's royal white house

So many tourists but ahhh I am clever!
I stand far far away to get the whole gate within the shot!

Royal guard at the royal gate

I am in charge of watching over the royal fence

Gold hibiscus wrought on royal marble wall

Royal lamp post with royal hanging pots

Well tended royal shrubs

Macro shot of royal blooms

On the way home by Jalan Duta, I turned in and drove around:

The Federal State Mosque (Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan)

From afar

From the front

From the side

Late at night

Last but not least... I found the KL Court Complex! Ho ho hoo...

Have a feeling I will be visiting this place again in the near future

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Canton-I Restaurant

Sis came back from Penang for a visit today. So we went out for a nice lunch at this Hong Kong restaurant at One Utama.

Latticed exterior
(Yes my face is rounder... I've put on weight)

Lanterns... very oriental feel

Intricate and nicely contrasted walls

My order: Wanton soup with shrimp dumplings (Good!)

Pork fore shank and noodles (Picture taken by sis... not bad huh!)

Barley lemon (surprisingly delicious despite the boring concoction)

Cream mango sago (Highly recommended)

Thumbs up to all dishes. Noodles are cooked just right... not too soggy... what's the word - yes, SPRINGY! (like doink doink doink). My shrimp dumplings had good-sized juicy prawns mixed with tender minced pork, a bit salty but goes well with a mouthful of soupy wanton. The mango dessert is made up of pureed mango, generous helping of mango cubes and sago. I am a mango lover! Definitely will return to this shop for seconds. Heeheee... seems like I can't be a negative food critic because I enjoy eating out and so far no restaurant I've patroned has been below my expectations. All deserves glowing reviews. What can I say... I enjoy food!