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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fig and Olive

Went to this cosy little restaurant recommended by my cousin which serves Mediterranean food. Fig and Olive is tucked in a tiny obscure corner at the Marrakesh, Sunway Pyramid. Had a hard time locating it, but just 10 feet from the entrance we could smell the wonderful wonderful aroma wafting from the kitchen!

Cosy and relaxed interior

Hot sandwich with fresh juicy tomatoes and onion rings,
generous helping of creamy chicken and turkey topped with figs.

Zafirah Zayton Steak with olives,
vinaigrette greens & steaming hot potatoe baked in its skin.

I love the place! It's the first time I've tried Mediterranean food and I can't get over the rich and exotic explosion of spices in my mouth when I bit into the juicy steak. At RM 23.90 the set lunch comes with guava juice, soup and fruits. As an a la carte, it comes with ice cream on the house. I would definitely want to dine there again rather than go back to the same old boring and overpriced food at Italiannes or TGIF.

The Lake Gardens

Also known as Taman Tasik Perdana. It's nice enough for an outing with family and friends, or to jog. But seriously, the place needs better maintenance. A little more flowers gardens, add some rolling slopes and a family of swans in the pond then perhaps there would be something to write about.
River... sans water for boating.

Wide field for a game of frisbie... if it ever caught on in KL.

Dusk after the rain.

Stepping stones