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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cat on Red Carpet

These few days, Kutucat's taken a liking to sleeping on the red rug.
(As opposed to sharing the bed with me)

I read that when cats sleep exposing their soft
underbelly, it means they feel safe.
I'm glad she likes the new place :)

The Praying Mantis Stance.
p/s Did you know that cats have 4-5 pairs of tits?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Naughty Girl!!!!

Kutucat gave me a big fright just now. She jumped out of the window onto the ledge - on the 15th floor - to catch birds.

I am half convinced that the birds intentionally lured her out of the window with their loud twittering. You know, the "let's get rid of the puddy-tat" plot.

Knowing how she can be clumsy sometimes, my only hope was blind faith that she would not take a flying leap and plunge to her demise in her great aspiration to catch a mocking bird.

I had to yank her by the scruff of her neck and haul her back to safety. Hell, if that failed I would have had to go onto the ledge myself to rescue her. As I shudder at the recollection of events, she is currently sprawled on the rug having a good snore.

Bad kitty! You almost gave me a heart attack! *shakes head*

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Picture

Friday, November 6, 2009

Freaking Out at the Vet

So today the cat went for her annual vaccination.
Every visit is a traumatic experience, for her and the vet. Last year, she was forced to wear a straight jacket for everyone's safety.

This year, she drew blood from an attendant who had to be taken to a hospital to receive a jab himself.

I also booked her for a grooming session - haircut, ear cleaning and nail trimming - during which her wrath was invoked.

They probably overcharged us on the bill but I was too embarrased to pursue the matter.