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Friday, June 6, 2008

Chasing Sunsets

I make it a point to wait for sunrise/sunsets when I go to the beach. This was my very first taste of God's unique masterpiece.

Damai Laut (Lumut, Perak)
I was hooked after that

Goldcoast (Queensland, Australia)

Try hard as I may, I have not successfully caught another beautiful sunset ever since Goldcoast. Sometimes, it's because of bad timing and mostly it's because of bad weather. I suppose beautiful moments happen randomly and you just have to be there at the at the right place at the right time. When it happens, its glory and magnificence will take your breath away.

Is this like finding love? I don't believe in the concept of love anymore but I remember and understand the euphoria of falling in love. I miss that. I think being in love is like getting lost in awe of a golden sky. You can trek to the best vantage point, wait at the right place, at the right time with anticipation and hope in your heart... it may happen or it may not, you'll never know.

But when it comes, when it comes!!! ...bask in it whole heartedly, open your arms and embrace it, immerse yourself in it with a free spirit because all things beautiful such as these are fleeting and will eventually come to an end. When the last rays fade, the cold of the night will surely follow. As you clamber down from the high grounds, there will always be scraped knees and bruised elbows. It's painful but it's alright. You go home with a great photograph and a sweet memory that is yours to keep as long as you want to, at least till the next sunset sweeps you off your feet again. :)


Chiat Oon said...

must say, gorgeous pictures u have there!

Kutu Cat said...

hi Chiat Oon... how you doing?

Chiat Oon said...

am doin' great!! and u??

Kutu Cat said...

See my blog...? It's basically an open book. So far all no emo stuff to write about ;P