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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Visit to Batu Caves

Actually, there are a lot of stuff to see in our own backyard. It makes sense to go see the tourist highlights our country has to offer at least once in a lifetime, since people from other countries are willing to travel so far to come here to have a look at our place.

Gigantic golden statue

Gateway at the bottom of the stairs

Daylight robbery by native monkeys

272 steps all in all - not that difficult to climb!

Steps leading down to the cave

Of course must have a souvenier shop...


Another flight of stairs going up to...

...this!! Waaah.

This is when I wish I have a wide-angle lens


Another view

Looking up

Puny humans

Nice koi pond outside the cave

Feeding frenzy!


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I visit it once, but that was 10 over years ago...

Kutu Cat said...

Oh, has it changed much?