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Monday, October 27, 2008

Desserts Bar @ Solaris

Mum, sis and I we are the Sweet-tooth Gang... went out looking for an after-dinner indulgence at Solaris Mont Kiara last Saturday.

We were the only customers there which made for exclusive customer service.

Ice cream with fruits and tofu margarita.
No alcoholic content.

Belgian chocolate fondue set.

Ice cream balls - super cold...

Dip into warm chocolate and it becomes a crispy crusted delight.

Actually you can cover it with ground peanuts. It's amusing to do but they get stuck between my teeth.

As ambitious as we were, we could not put in more than what we ordered. The servings were generous! The Desserts Bar's menu is a pleasure to browse through with enticing colored prints of food porn. It's easy to be greedy when ordering. I only have one complaint: It's not sweet enough!!!! Maybe we ordered wrongly - the selections we had were more suitable for the health-conscious, lacking in that powerful brain-smacking sugar-rush high followed by calorie-ladden guilt. I certainly didn't feel fat after that.

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