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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nong and Jimmy Thai BBQ Restaurant

Well, not really a restaurant but a spacious shack with no walls sheltered by tin roof. This is the place to go to when you want good seafood and is pretty packed during the weekends. This was where we went to have my birthday dinner (early celebration).

Perhaps the most unique food served here is
the savoury mini you-char-kuih

Made on the spot and deep fried in oily goodness

Served fresh from the wok with the most aromatic homemade kaya sauce.

BBQ cockles RM 5 a basket

Mango Kerabu - Thai style shredded salad

Ikan Pari Bakar - Curried stingray grilled in tin foil. Good!

Highligght of the meal were BBQ Crabs.

Subject has good eye-contact with camera.

Grilled Squid - soft succulent flesh with that smokey BBQ taste

I also recommend the fried rice. Although the stir-fried prawns which went with it were plentiful, the prawns turned out a bit plain for my liking. But the fried rice! Oh the fried rice! I just don't know how they came up with the secret ingredient. I do not detect ajinomoto (I can usually taste it at the back of my throat hours later) so I suspect there's something in the base they use. It sure was heavily glistened with oil more than is normal!


Chiat Oon said...

wow... where's this?? how to get there?? :)

Kutu Cat said...

Oh dear... you know what... getting there was a problem for us too.

The address is
Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya, Ampang,

Better to have GPS guide the way.