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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roti Ayam Kam Ling Restaurant

My parents brought back two of these from Kampar during their weekend getaway. I've seen a version of this gigantic savoury dish of similar fame in Seremban but have never tried it before. Wanted to, but apparently had to order the day before as it was a very popular item.

RM 22 good for 3-4 servings

Carving the crust to reveal....

A mysterious paper-wrap inside

Tadaaaaaa.... yum yum!
Curry was not too spicy and the broth was so sweet!

The potatoes were baked just right and the broth was so sweet! Went well with the fluffy white bread especially when warm and steaming. A bit pricy for a dish of chicken, wish there was more meat and less bones but the novelty of the dish is worth the experience. Sorry. Don't know the address of Kam Ling Restaurant.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Makes me hungry neh...

james said...

Nothing to do with chickens but these guys can sing and one can blow ... enjoy: