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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Exploring Singapore's Changi Airport

Had two hours to spare before boarding the airplane, so I went to walk around Changi Airport. Discovered the entertainment deck on Level 1 consisting of a movie theather, TV lounge, free gaming center (with XBox 360 and PS3 to boot), a spa (need to pay) amidst the cafes and duty-free shops.

Awaiting to board the plane
Oasis @ Terminal 2
View from above
Giant koi
Activity table for adults and children

My woodblock print made by rubbing a crayon over the carved surface

Has a rather ethnic feel to it - a good way of promoting local art to tourists
An outdoor sunflower garden (doubled up as a smoking area)

Free gaming room

Another interactive station promoting Baba & Nyoya designs

Embossing stamp

Phoenix from the stamp

Another ethnic motif

In terms of shopping, KLIA has a wider array of duty free goods but when it comes to cultural promotion Changi Airport has gotten it down to a pat! Waiting for my flight has never been more interesting.... I wasn't bored for a moment and was almost sorry to leave!

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