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Monday, October 4, 2010

Dengue Fever




It's not just a sorethroat. It's dengue! Rashes came out after the fever subsided. Hauled ass to the polyclinic and got a few tests done (Hemoglobin, white blood cells, hematocrit and platelets). Needless to say my poor white cells are sorely depleted. Platelet count is still within the normal range but seems to be on a down-going trend. Which means, another round of blood-test is in order (my poor veins). I feel fine otherwise. No overt bleeding but damn my throat is killing me. More to report tomorrow.

I do not recall being bitten by any mosquito, but apparently I am very sweet  :)  Or the mozzies were sweet on me.

p/s Beautiful picture of me covered in spots. While more accurately described as peticheal rash (pin-point bruising), a more confluent pattern would be called Islets of White in a Sea of Red. Doesn't it sound poetic?


gelincik said...

are you ok now

Wolfy Guinness said...

Then how did you heal?? What did you do to heal yourself??

Kutu Cat said...

Dengue fever is a viral infection. There is no cure for it except paracetamol for fever andndrinking lots of water to keep hydrated. The body will recover after 1 week. Not unlike a viral flu!

Kutu Cat said...

Gelincik, I am okay now, thank you for asking. Sorry I took so long to reply. Have not been active on blogger for many years