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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Giving the Cat a Bath

... is a major undertaking at home. Firstly, it entails sneaking the towels and pail into the bathroom without Bambi knowing what's in store for her. Then there's the problem of getting the right temperature from the temperamental water heater. By that time, she's already suspicious of the sound of water coming from the bathroom and predictably missing. Finding and cornering her is easy, because her usual hiding place is either under the sofa or behind the bed.

Starts mewing & giving us the pity me I is a poor helpless cat look.

Shampoo, massage and conditioner 30 minutes

After the bath (she's afraid of the hairdryer so we can only wipe her down)

Angry angry cat

All is forgiven. I is a pretty girl again!


Robb said...

so alike my dog! he hates the hair dryer too! Lol

Kutu Cat said...

Yaloh... silly-billies. No choice. Air-dry.

Criz Lai said...

Haha..That's what most cats hate but they sure won't complain after they knew they have to be groomed regularly. Malaysian weather sure is a breeding place for kutu. It will take only 2 hours before they jump back into the cats... Grrrrr!!

Kutu Cat said...

Eeeeek! All that hard work for mere 2 hours of relief?
We finally got her a flea collar. Seems to be working well. No more frantic scratchig.