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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


When my sister comes back for a visit, it is like having a playmate. Since both of us love food, we really went out and blew it ($) at this place last Sunday. Btw, I still owe you half the bill sis. Will pass to you next time you come down ok?

PHOP - Pancake specialty shop

Refreshing hot tea sweetened with honey

Did I mention how much I enjoyed it? (I asked for 4 refills of hot water)

Blurry picture. Added soft focus to rescue it (Treasure Box is good!)

Sis's steak with crepe and glazed peaches and plum (sourish and overpowering)

My baked chicken (looks better than it tastes)

Perhaps I was expecting a little too much from this restaurant. For me, the baked chicken was too dry (my own cooking is waaaay better) but the pancake lining the base of the pan was something new and interesting. The first dish that came out was the dessert. It was delicious! Coin pancakes with almonds, bananas, peaches, baked apples and vanilla ice cream accompanied with a generous jar of maple syrup to drizzle (or drown) the plate at will. An absolute joy for the sweet-toothed and a big no no for diabetics. PHOP is a pancake house and our mistake was to order main dishes. We should have stuck to pancakes... and I advice you to do the same if you go there.

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