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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bambi's Night Out

Recently took to walking the cat at night. Thought I would make her life more interesting and introduce some excitement to her little kitty day. I encourage curiousity and exploration! She looks forward to the excursions too :)

Have to wear harness first but dun look too happy about it

This is the corridor where we do our laps

Off she goes in a blur... I have to run to keep up with her

KPC at neighbour's door

KPC at neighbour's door 2

Tired... rest a while

Off she goes again!

KPC interesting hole in the ground

Tired again... I want to rest ok

Explore stairwell. It is a nice dusty place to lounge

Do you know why people take their dogs out for walks and not cats? Because it mostly involves standing still in one spot while waiting for Bambi to get up from her "rest". When nothing is happening seconds seem like minutes and minutes seem like hours. I usually end up carrying her back to the apartment. One night, I'd like to bring her out to the garden downstairs where we can sit together by the pool and relax. I hope lah. We'll see.


yui said...

why is she rolling around on the stairwell floor :S so dirty

Kutu Cat said...

Yaloh! Dirty cat...