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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Canton-I Restaurant

Sis came back from Penang for a visit today. So we went out for a nice lunch at this Hong Kong restaurant at One Utama.

Latticed exterior
(Yes my face is rounder... I've put on weight)

Lanterns... very oriental feel

Intricate and nicely contrasted walls

My order: Wanton soup with shrimp dumplings (Good!)

Pork fore shank and noodles (Picture taken by sis... not bad huh!)

Barley lemon (surprisingly delicious despite the boring concoction)

Cream mango sago (Highly recommended)

Thumbs up to all dishes. Noodles are cooked just right... not too soggy... what's the word - yes, SPRINGY! (like doink doink doink). My shrimp dumplings had good-sized juicy prawns mixed with tender minced pork, a bit salty but goes well with a mouthful of soupy wanton. The mango dessert is made up of pureed mango, generous helping of mango cubes and sago. I am a mango lover! Definitely will return to this shop for seconds. Heeheee... seems like I can't be a negative food critic because I enjoy eating out and so far no restaurant I've patroned has been below my expectations. All deserves glowing reviews. What can I say... I enjoy food!


yui said...

well looks like i'll be back again this weekend. midvalley ...

Kutu Cat said...

Ya! Let's go makan again after that! :P~~