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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Singaporean Toilets

You know a country is developed when its society can afford to consider artistic expression in addition to functional design as an integral part of their basic amenities.

Chic washroom at Takashimaya

Public toilet at the Singapore Chinese Gardens

It's not just the toilets that are pleasing to eye. Mosaic murals on the walls of the MRT station, framed canvases hung along the corridors, sculpted pieces of art dotting the walkways... In Malaysia, mandarin ducks go missing from public ponds because there are still people out there who are hungry.

Today's menu: Succulent roast duck coated with sesame seed

Better some food on the table than pretty things swimming in the water! It's a pity we're not ready for aesthetics because that would bring us to a new level of Quality Of Life. I'm not saying Malaysia does not have her share of creative elements. Art has yet to become a primary pursuit and we're just getting by building basic infrastructure to cope with the population's current and more urgent needs.

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