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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cottage Pies @ White Sands, Singapore

In a little shop at White Sands, Pasir Ris a fragrant aroma of warm pastry wafts through the air, enticing shoppers to stop and salivate at the array of freshly baked meat pies in the glass display counter. Soothing Christian music is played through the speakers while diners settle down for a snack al fresco. Two ladies, one attending to customers in the front while the other slides trays of golden flaked pies from the oven in the back of the shop make a good team in running the shop.

There is pride in their motions... and rightly so!

...because these are the fluffiest crusts and juiciest fillings I have ever tasted!

Chicken ham and egg pie.

Wholesome and subtle, made from spongy egg with generous ham.

Beef and mushroom pie.

A sweet blend of beef stock and herbs with slices of button mushroom.

Many thanks to my friend PH the food lover who showed me the culinary delights of Singapore during my stay there. More food posts coming up!

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