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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I was editing some photos at the computer when the cat fell off her high perch while she was asleep. In a daze, she crawled towards me and plopped down beside my chair. She is now in dreamland with her paws pointing towards the sky. Her hind legs are twitching spasmodically. I reach down to tickle her soft underbelly and her toes curl. Hee heee... so cute!

Suddenly, my computer monitor goes haywire and the mobile phone rings. Interference of electromagnetic waves kononnya. The cat awakes. She yawns and stretches languidly. That marks the end of her little catnap. She is still in a lazy mood and lets me rub her head, her eyes half-closed in peaceful contentment. Outside, the pitter patter of rain drums a rhythmic lullaby. She rolls over and goes back to sleep.

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