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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cat on Sofa

Bambi is not allowed on the couch because she scratches them inadvertently and leaves tufts of fur sticking to the furniture (that and logically, fleas although I beg to differ on the last point - fleas can't survive without their host oi!).

When my brother came back from the UK for the summer hols, my mum bought a brand new sofa bed from IKEA. It has a pull-out mattress with an extensible metal frame that sleeps one person. It folds up nicely into a big puffy chair with a bright cheerful orange cover to slip over when not in use. Pretty fancy stuff eh? The cat thought so too and decided to take over the said piece of furniture as her own when my brother left for the new semester.

Cat lounging on her new throne

Lick lick lick... Whatcha lookin' at?

Here comes grandma armed with a thick copy of yesterday's paper.
One house cannot have two Queens.

Bad kitty! You're not allowed on the sofa!
Bambi runs for her (nine) lives.

The cat looks back longingly...

In the end, this will have to do. Zzzzz.

That was last week. Today fickle grandma says: BAMBEEEE! I know you have been on the sofa! I can see your hair all over it. Look at all the EVIDENCE!!! Hmmmmmm!!!???? and proceeds to pick at imaginary strands of cat hair off the cover. I bet the cat climbs up there during the night when everyone is sound asleep and not there to threaten her with the newspaper. She's an intelligent cat!


Simon Seow said...

Lol. Just like my dog (deceased), will climb up the sofa to sleep when no one's watching.

Kutu Cat said...

Aw.. sorry about your dog. I don't mind sharing if animals climb up the furniture actually... i think they're almost like humans when they know how to enjoy life like that.